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The last week of school. The will to look nice is fading. There was not much will to begin with.


Don’t support the illegal pet trade just don’t do it. Do your research before buying exotic pets.

I hate these shitty pieces of shit

they would’ve been so much better with the frame around, shouldn’t have listened to the teacher on that aspect

Also would’ve been nice to have another week to work on this project, all three of the things are 100% not done. But I hate them and I don’t want to work on it anymore.

 annekec answered: She LOVED it! And with good reason, it’s an awesome design!!

 slashstash answered: I can see why! :D

 maggle answered: looks great!

 finnblanket answered: so do i????!???!!??

You guys are so nice, thank you!! ouo

The teacher liked my work today??


Some rough work!
I didn’t super like my last piece, so it’s back to character based work for me!

There’s a good reason I’m not in animation

Working on an animation for class!
I wanted to do this last semester but ran out of time to do it well, and I didn’t want to half-ass it

Took a break from work to colour a sketch of Carl Sagan I did the other day

One of the co-ops I’ve applied for asked people to do a three stage fire monster as part of the application process. We had to try and match the style of some examples we were sent.

I wanted to try something different from the typical fire creature- which always seems to be some sort of fire breathing reptilian. So this is a bird crossed with a greyhound.