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bangkaching answered your post: Narrative piece for school. Very incon…

???? maybe a bit in the last panel but you can defs tell it’s just a hood in the first few

comealongparadoxponds answered your post: Narrative piece for school. Very incon…

I didnt really think of it until you mentioned it, and now it’s all I see.

Okay okay cool, I think I will leave it the way it is then and just not say anything about it unless someone mentions something. THANKS

Narrative piece for school. Very inconsistent throughout the panels but I wanted to get this done today so I’d have tomorrow for other homework.

I do have a QUESTION though for anyone with input. I have the dudes wearing a snood-like head covering to hide the fact that they are robots, but upon finishing this I realized it does look a bit like they are wearing hijabs. I don’t want to bring any accidental cultural/religious anythings into this. It’s just a stupid thing for class but I don’t want to offend anyone by accident.
Does it look too much like a hijab or am I being crazy?

I’m reposting this thing from 2012 now that Tumblr has that better viewer for pictures like this.

Thorin & Co.!

Edit: It still won’t fullview! Whyy. I’ve split it into two, it’s kinda.. better

First assignment of the year!

It could definitely use more work but this isn’t a huge assignment so I need to move onto all the other things I have to do

I’m trying out a new way of working for this piece. I usually don’t start colour until I’ve done really refined linework. This time I’m starting on colour right on top of the sketch, no lineart!


Cleaning out my USB and found this old sketch of Sim

Deciding on colours is not something I am good at

Another OC

Sorry ouo


First image is from 2010, second from 2011. I wanted to give him something kinda more distinctive and with a more defined culture than I did in his old designs, while still maintaining the essence of the character.
As with all my other redesigns, I worked on giving him more unique facial features.

Oops wrong blog

I should be sleeping
Here’s a dear old character who I’m constantly redesigning